Akshay Kumar Exercise Workout Routine, Diet Plan, Height, Weight

By | February 24, 2017


Akshay Kumar who doesn’t know him and who don’t want to have a life like him. But just go to flashback he had worked as chef and a waiter. And today he is the brand. Someone said it right the difficult your journey is the beautiful your destination will be. So when this star came to this planet. It was 49 years ago on 9 September 1967. Yes his 49 and still looks like a 25 year old. He got black belt in TAEKWONDO while he was in India. Then he went Bangkok and studied MARTIAL ARTS and MUAY THAI. No MUAY THAI is not a Thai dish it’s a combat sport of Thailand. So who are the lucky parents who gave birth to this living legend the lucky father was Om Bhatiya and the lucky mother is Aruna Bhatiya who gave birth to the legend Rajiv Bhatiya. Yes Rajiv Bhatiya is Akshay Kumar’s real name he change his name before coming in to Bollywood.

Akshay Kumar Hit Movies

His first hit was Mohara in 1994 which earned  12.50 cr. He has a balance of hits and flops his few hits movies are listed below.

  • Yeh dil lagi year 1994 earning 2.10cr
  • Sabse bada khiladhi year 1995 earning 10.00cr
  • Dil to pagal hai year 1997 earning 28.00cr
  • Andaaz year 2002 earning 15.00cr
  • Mujhse shaadi karogi year2004 earning 29.50cr
  • Garam masal year 2005 earning 27.00cr
  • Bhagam bhag year 2006 earning 40.00cr
  • Phir hera pheri year 2006 earning 41.75cr
  • Namastey laondon year 2007 earning 27.00cr
  • Hey baby year 2007 earning 47.90cr
  • Bhul bhulaiya year 2007 earning 50cr.
  • Welcome year 2007 earning 70.75cr
  • Singh is king year 2008 earning 69.50cr
  • Houseful year 2010 earning 73cr.
  • Houseful 2 year 2012 earning 118.00cr
  • Rowdey rathore year 2012 earning 135cr
  • Oh my god year 2012 earning 83.00cr
  • Special 26 year 2013 earning 66.00cr.
  • Holiday year2014 earning 114.00cr
  • Gabbar is back year 2015 earning 86cr.
  • Airlift year2016 earning 00cr
  • Housefull3 year 2016 earning 109.00cr
  • Rustom year 2016 earning 49cr

Akshay Kumar’s Body Measurements

  • His height is 180cm, which is 1.80 meters, which is 5ft 11in
  • His weight is 80kg which is 176lbs
  • His chest is 42inches waist is 34inches and biceps are 16inches.

Akshay Kumar’s Fitness

  • Akshay kumar’s funda for life is “health is wealth”.  He follows the rule of early to bed early rise he sleeps at 9pm and wakes up at 5am which had definitely made healthy wealthy and wise. For maintaining his physique he don’t lifts weight in fact he avoid weight lifting and maintain his body through swimming martial arts and yoga. Besides having all the luxury he do things like taking walk to his sets,  avoiding lifts etc
  • He wakes up at 5 do one hour swimming.
  • And then for one hour he practice martial arts.
  • Yoga meditation according to him is the best way to keep u fit and dedicated towards your work
  • And last but not the least he do stretching
  • His yoga scheduled is of an hour.

Akshay Kumar’s Diet Plan

He is from one of the few stars who don’t drink or smoke. Akki likes homemade balanced diet. His eating habits are one of the most important factor to make him the fittest bollywood actor.

  • Because he is Punjabi munda so he likes to have prathas for breakfast and a glass of milk
  • Fruit is very essential for our body so his brunch is a bowl full of fruits.
  • Like every normal person for lunch he has roti chawal daal chicken any green vegetables and curd
  • His snack is sugar free juice in evening
  • He likes to has a light dinner so it may be soup, salads, or veggies.

Sports which Akki Enjoys

  • Swimming
  • Basketball
  • Trekking
  • Kick boxing
  • And he love gyming but not weight lifting.


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