Workout and Diet routine of Ben Affleck

By | August 5, 2018

Ben Affleck is an American actor and as well as a filmmaker. He has won two academy awards, 3 golden globe awards, two BAFTA Awards, and two Screen Actors Guild Awards for his work in various movies. Ben has started his career as a child artist. He appeared in an educational TV series The Voyage of the Mimi in 1984. In 1993 he appeared in an independent coming of age comedy Dazed and Confused.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck

 The actor has appeared in many movies of the filmmaker Kavin Smith like Chasing Amy (1997) and Dogma (1999). Ben grew his fan base as he won golden globe awards and Academy awards for Best Original Screenplay for writing Good Will Hunting (1997) along with his best friend Matt Damon. He also did lead roles in movies like Armageddon in 1998, Forces of Nature in 1999, Pearl Harbor in 2001. Ben also played the role of Jack Ryan in the spy thriller movie The Sum of All Fears in 2002.

He was born on August 15 1972. in Berkeley, California. He moved to Massachusetts with his family at the age of three. Ben belongs to a middle-class family but his acting skills were remarkable from the early age.

Now let’s see what does our new Batman do to serve the Gautham City for 24*7.

Workout Routine of Ben Affleck

He follows a two-day workout scheduled.


Block 1- Stretching And Warm Up

  • He starts with 15 minutes Elliptical Strength Program.
  • Then he does Rumble Roller for 9 minutes.
  • Next, he does Plank with Arm Extension.
  • After that, he does Plank with Arm Extension.
  • Then next he does Inchworm.
  • At last, he performs Calf Stretch.

Block 2- Torso and Strength

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck

  • He starts the second block of workout with Dumbbell Farmer’s Walk.
  • Then he does Alternating Hanging Knee-Up.
  • After that, he does Alternating Hanging Knee-Up.
  • Next, he performs ½ Kneeling Row.
  • And then he does Back Bridge.
  • After that, he performs Alternating Dumbbell Reverse Lunge.
  • Then he performs Pull-Up: 6 sets of 4 reps.
  • At last, he does the Shoulder Bridge.

Block 3- Strength And Fitness

  • He starts he workout routine with Air Dyne Bike Sprint.
  • Next, he does V-Grip Pulldown.
  • Then he performs Seated Row Handle Grip.
  • After that, he does Alternating Dumbbell Open Curl.
  • Then he does Goblet Squat.
  • Next, he does Lateral Squat.

Day 2

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck

Block 1- Stretching And warm up

  • First, he performs Air Dyne Bike Sprint.
  • Then he does Soft Roller.
  • Next, he does Brettzel Stretch.
  • After that, he performs Kneeling Lat.
  • Then he does ½ Kneeling Quad Stretch.
  • At last, he performs Brettzel.

Block 2- Torso And Strength

  • To start the second block he starts Off-Bench Oblique Side Crunch.
  • Then he does Val slide Body Slide.
  • After that, he does Dumbbell Lateral Raise.
  • Next, he does Back Bridge with March.
  • Then he performs Dumbbell Shrug.
  • After that Rear Delt Machine.
  • Next, he does 1 Leg Hip Lift.
  • At last, he performs Triceps Pushdown.

Block 3- Strength

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck

  • He starts with Dumbbell Deadlift.
  • Then he performs Dumbbell Bench Press.
  • Next, he does Pec Fly.
  • Then he performs Ball Leg Curl.

Diet plan of Ben Affleck

  • For his breakfast, he takes eggs and oatmeal.
  • In his early snack, he takes a Chocolate whey protein shake, some almonds, Formula T-10 testosterone-boosting supplement.
  • For lunch, he takes Chicken/Tilapia, Brown rice/ whole wheat pasta.
  • After the workout, he takes Grass-fed beef, White rice, White potatoes, Fresh fruits.
  • In dinner, he takes Salad, salmon, Steak, Tilapia, Chicken.

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