Bradley Cooper’s workout routine

Bradley Cooper is an American actor and as well as a producer. His performance is loved by many Cinema lovers and he has been nominated for various awards including 4 Academy Awards, 2 BAFTA Awards and 2 Golden Globes. He is one of the highest paid actors in the world and also he was in… Read More »

Kellan Lutz- Workout, Diet, Bio, Family

Kellan Lutz is an American model and actor. He first appeared in a movie named Stick it in 2006. His popular for his role as Emmett Cullen in The Twilight Saga film series. In the 2011 film Immortals, he played the role of Poseidon. In 2013 he voiced the animated character Tarzan in the movie Tarzan. He played John Smilee in The Expendables 3. He also played Hercules in… Read More »

Jason Momoa – Details and Workout routine

Jason Momoa is an American writer, director, producer, actor and as well as a model. His role as Ronon Dex in the military science fiction series Stargate Atlantis was popular among fans. He also played the character of Khal Drogo in the famous HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones. Currently, he is playing the role… Read More »

Liam Hemsworth and his workout routine.

Liam Hemsworth is an Australian actor. He was born on 13th January 1990. In soap opera  Neighbours he played the role of Josh Taylor. And he portrayed Marcus in the children’s show The Elephant Princess. In the movie The Last Song (2010) he played the role of Will Blakelee. In The Hunger Games film series he played the role of Gale Hawthorne, in… Read More »

Steve Reeves- Workout And Diet Routine

Steve Reeves was an American professional bodybuilder, philanthropist and also an actor. He was born on 21 January 1926 and braced the planet for the last time on May 1, 2000. Steve was a star of Peplum movies in the mid-50s. He mostly played the muscular protagonist like Hercules, Goliath, and Sandakan. He was among the highest paid… Read More »

Chris Brown- Workout and Diet Routine

Chris Brown is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, and actor. He was born on May 5, 1989, in  Tappahannock, Virginia. From a very young age, he used to perform in his church choir and local shows. In 2004 he signed the contract with Jive Records and next year he released his self-titled debut album. It was in number… Read More »

Workout routine of Jen Selter

Jen Selter is a new age celebrity. Who got the public attention with the help of social media. Her Instagram feed tells her tale quite clearly. With a beautiful face, she also has a great body. She has over 12 million followers on Instagram. She works hard to maintain her sculpted figure. Jen follows a strict… Read More »

Sylvester Stallone- Workout and Diet Routine

Sylvester Stallone is an American actor, producer and also movie director, writer as well as a filmmaker. He is popular for his role as an action hero.  Rocky Balboa in the movie series Rocky,  John Rambo in the movie series Rambo, Barney Ross in the movie series The Expendables are few of the iconic roles he portrayed in the silver… Read More »

Adrian Peterson- Workout and Diet Routine

Adrian Peterson is an American footballer. He plays on running back position. He is a free agent. Adrian also played football in his college in Oklahoma. He was drafted 7th in 2007 NFL Draft by Minnesota Vikings.  He set the NCAA freshman rushing record of 1,925 yards as a true freshman during the 2004 season. Adrian was the first freshman who finished as… Read More »

4-minute workout replace one hour of gym

Sweaty and tiring workouts in the gym is not a very tempting idea. Apart from that spending hours in gym needs a lot of extra time from our limited hours of the day. But today we will discuss 4-minute workout replace one hour of gym This workout is called an interval workout. It is very… Read More »