Salman Khan Exercise Workout Routine, Diet Plan, Height, Weight

By | February 25, 2017


Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan you got it right it is his real name. He was born on 27december 1965. He is the son of famous script writer of bollywood Salim Khan. He is a bollywood actor, producer, television host, singer and philanthropist. He is in this movie industry from around twenty five years. He is a national award winning actor. CNN described as a world’s biggest actor. His career started from the movie ” biwi ho to aisi” as a supporting actor in 1988. His first debut was from Suraj Barjatya’s movie name “ maine pyar kiya” in 1989. His female lead was Bhagayashree. As we know he is the most eligible bachelor in town and when he takes off his shirt on screen audience go crazy. So let’s have look on his diet plan and fitness routine.

Salman Khan Body Measurements

  • Height: -1.74m which is around(5’8”)
  • Weight: -179lbs which is around(81kgs)
  • Chest: -46 inches
  • Waist: -32 inches
  • Biceps: – 17 inches

Salman Khan Fitness Routine

As we all know he is a fitness freak. If he got a busy scheduled he will hit the gym at 2am but won’t miss it. Initially our fitness freak SALMAN KHAN used like all the spice Indian food items and Italian cuisines. He was love to have pav bhajis , ice cream, pizzas and pastas. Than Manish Advilkar cae to his life and restructured all his diet plans and workout routine. So he could achieve his best. And now his diet chart includes the foods which are high in protein and fish, egg whites, meat and milk to complement his intense workout regimen. Salman says: -“the kind of food you eat is as important to the body as workout. So he does not just concentrate in his extensive exercise routine but also follows a proper diet plan. He avoids to have processed and sugary food of all type. He burn around 3000 calories each day with his rigorous workout.

Salman Khan Diet Chart

  • Breakfast: – four egg whites and low fat milk.
  • Before workout: – two egg whites, amino acid tablets and protein shake.
  • After workout: -almonds, oats, three egg whites and protein bars.
  • Lunch: – vegetables with salad and five chapattis
  • Snack: -protein bars and nuts including almonds
  • Dinner: -vegan soup, fish or chicken, two egg whites.

Salman Khan Workout Schedule

His trainer says he is very hard working and very dedicated in maintaining his physique. He does some wonder in gym which we cannot even dare to do that. He does somewhere like 2000 situps, 1000 pushups or 500 abdominal crunches each day. His workout session is about three hours daily. He loves cycling and jogging. If possible he cycle around 10km. if you are lucky then you can see him cycling in roads of Mumbai.

Salman Khan Workout Routine

Monday, Wednesday and Friday he concentrate on his weight training.

  • He warms up by jumping, squats thrust and pushups.
  • Then he does dead lifts which are important for development of leg as well as chest muscle.
  • Followed by bench press (both inclined and flat) which are necessary for his chest muscle.
  • Next one is shoulder push press
  • Then he does 4 sets of exercise for smaller muscle with six to eight reps while six sets of exercise for large muscles with 12-14 reps.
  • Then his training continues with slow jogging in treadmill.

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday he focus on abs and cardio exercise.

  • He starts with 15 minute running session in treadmill.
  • Follows with3-5 abs circuit comprising back extensions, side planks, crunches and revers crunches with 25 rep.
  • Then he does around 1000 situps,or pushups.
  • And last he ends with one hour session of cardio.

He takes rest on Sunday.


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